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    José Castro (1971, Galicia, Spain), who graduated in Men's wear at the prestigious Royal College of Art, London, and a member of the Fédération Française de Couture. He collaborated with Alexander McQueen for Givenchy, was the Artistic Director of Miró Jeans and one of the designers of the innovative company Desigual. He has presented his brand, Jose Castro Barcelona, shows in three occasions at the Carrousel de Louvre, Paris, as well as at the Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy, and at Cibeles Madrid fashion week.

    His collections: Dead Bord, Noitulove, Blu Sky, Redrum and Aurora have allowed him to receive acclaim for his work with volume and texture and the creation of the colour Rosa Castro. He has received various awards such as the Royal College of Art Society Prize for Innovation, Creativity and Presentation (2000), the Barcelona es Moda prize for best professional (2007-8), the Marie Claire Novel Designer prize (2008-09) and the L'Oréal Best SS 2010 collection award for Aurora.

    His garments have adorned celebrities from Whoopi Goldberg, Beth Ditto and Paz Vega to Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City: The Movie. Magazines such as Vogue, Telva, Marie Claire, Yo Dona, WWD, View, Dazed & Confused, Wound, Encens and so on have published and discussed his work and career.

    The Jose Castro studio first appeared in 2004 in the semi-industrial area of 22@, Barcelona. The project, created by the designer himself and running parallel to his own line of clothing, was created as a multidisciplinary space to work on freelance projects for various companies and product types.

    The studio's output has covered men's, women's and children's collections in recent years, both in the form of one-off projects as well as on-going work. One example of the latter is Desigual, for whom capsule projects are created biannually. It also works with leather goods, bags and accessories and conducts trend studies for the Spanish Tanners Association.

    The staff are made up of a young, creative and professional team with experience in the world of sales. They have a global vision and a versatile, multipurpose philosophy.

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  4. Colecciones


    • Aurora

      Spring/Summer 2010
      "This collection is dedicated to and inspired by Aurora, a blue and green Amazonian macaw that was a part of my life and my family for twenty-five years, until it was stolen and taken away from us on July 16th 2002."

    • Red Rum

      Autumn/Winter 2009 - 2010
      A search for femenine beauty through elements of horror films and a critique to the subconscious: like in the phrase "each man kills the things he loves" from Fassbinder's "Querelle", where decadence and passion go together hand in hand. It demonstrates an ironic vision about the painful path of art and creativity, in which the presentation of the work portrays its own destruction.

    • Bluesky

      Autumn/Winter 2008 - 2009
      Inspired by films such as Blade Runner, Liquid Sky, Baraka and the BBC programme, Earth, Jose Castro completes the natural beauty of the feminine body by deforming it and creating new volumes on shoulders and hips. A mixture of cultures, the richness in detail and the game of shapes is what defines the garments in silk, cotton, leather, patent leather, tricot and rabbit fur, exalting the femininity at its most basic essence. Jose Castro decided to show his collection in a garage because it is the perfect place to play with the contrasts he loves.

    • Noitulove

      Spring/Summer 2008
      The main focus lies, once more, on the richness of details as well as on the play of volumes and shapes. Taking his inspiration from the Bird of Paradise, full of splendour and volume when they mate, Jose Castro completes the natural beauty with the dynamic style of actresses from the 40's such as Greta Garbo.

    • Dead bird

      Autumn/Winter 2007 - 2008
      "Dead Bird is bom as an anti-thesis of the knowledge earned from the experience in the comercial world, it is a flight from the mundane noise towards the eccentric and individual by nature. I retum to textiles such as thick knitwear, and I reexamine the complete range of black, from the most brilliant to the most opaque ... through layers and layers of textile, I turn what's soft into hard."

    • Agnor Tabaré

      Agenor ..... masculine name of Greek origin. A man of great force, impeccable.
      Tabaré ...... Of tupí origin, man of village.
      José Castro, once finished his master degree in Royal College, he starts his own brand of menswear named Agenor Tabaré. He develops two collections with a commercial vision, making it seem like if it were another clothing line, but having present the codes and languages of the concept Agenor Tabaré in essence. Spain meant to lower the gas for being a different market. His first masculine collection is inspired by "The Beauty of Silence" and rescues the icons of the Silent Films, like Charles Chaplin and the great Harold Lloyd. XXL pants, tight and short blazers and totally eccentric stripped tricot sweaters characterize the man Agenor Tabaré.

    • Royal College

      In 1997, Jose Castro is admitted in the prestigious Royal College of Art in London to attend a master of two years of specialization in menswear. For the designer The Royal College of Art means to confront the work with maturity and professionalism, facing deadlines and real stress that came with the lacking of seniority and a good level of English.
      The experience serves him to look for his own identity and provides him with the necessary codes to create his own world "Mundo Jose Castro". During his stay in London he had the opportunity to work with companies such as Dolce & Gabanna, Max Mara Group and the great Alexander McQueen for Givency and he's awarded with the prize Student of the Year by the Royal College of Art Prize for Innovation, Creativity and Presentation.